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Work with THINK!

The THINK! campaign works with a variety of partner organisations who provide valuable support in communicating road safety advice to their customers.

These organisations are from a wide range of sectors including pubs and bars, retail, media, charity, manufacturing, finance, the soft drinks industry and trade bodies.

Partnering with THINK!

Case studies

Drink driving: Driver Friendly partnerships

Driver Friendly is a partnership initiative which delivers soft drink promotions for drivers with the aim of reducing drink driving. Partners including soft drink manufacturers and pub chains have developed special promotions to improve drivers’ nights out and make it easier for them to choose soft drinks.

Since the initiative launched in December 2009, thousands of pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants have been involved.

Coca-Cola has been the lead partner and their Christmas Designated Driver campaign has offered drivers a buy-one-get-one-free offer on Coca-Cola and Diet Coke in over 8,000 venues across the country.

Greene King, Admiral Taverns, Enterprise Inns and many other large pub chains have participated in this promotion.

THINK! supplies Driver Friendly packs, including beer mats and posters, to pubs wishing to run a soft drink promotion aimed at drivers.

THINK! Drink Drive: Transport partners

Over 30 years, drink drive campaigning combined with legislation and police enforcement has reduced fatalities by 85% from 1,650 in 1979 to 240 in 2013. However, with new drivers qualifying every day, it is essential to ensure drink drive messages continue to be heard.

As part of our THINK! Drink Drive campaign, we work with partners from relevant sectors to provide incentives and solutions to motivate people to stop drink driving and make alternative, safer choices. These partnerships also help to reinforce the social unacceptability of drinking and driving.

We are currently looking for transport partners for our Christmas 2016 campaign who can help us communicate with our core audience of young men aged 18-34 who are at the greatest risk of death or serious injury from drink driving. So if you offer transport services and are interested in working with us to offer in-kind support through your own channels we'd like to hear from you.

For more information or to express your interest in working with us please get in touch at:

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To find out more about how your organisation can partner with THINK! to promote road safety messages, read the ‘THINK! Partner Framework’ below to understand our partnership requirements and responsibilities.

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