Age 14-16 Key Stage 4

Dealing with distractions

Teaching students aged 14-16 to understand how distractions increase risks for all road users, and how to minimise distractions.

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Lesson Pack Introduction: Dealing with distractions (Upper Secondary)

Overview of the Lesson Pack and the importance of teaching road safety. Includes advice on involving parents.

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Lesson Plan: Dealing with distractions (Upper Secondary)

Teaching students to understand that distractions increase risks for all road users. Help them identify what they need to pay attention to in order to stay safer as a pedestrian, cyclist or driver (when they are able to drive legally).

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Activity Sheet: Disappearing act

Students view a road scene seen from the viewpoint of a car driver. They are prompted to think about all the various distractions that may make it difficult for the driver to see cyclists, pedestrians and generally concentrate on driving.

Education - Secondary years


Case study: Ghosts

Summary of a THINK! campaign designed to get 12–16 year olds thinking about key road safety messages. This involved a competition where young people were invited to send in their ideas for a road safety TV commercial.

Education - Secondary years


Case study: Tune into traffic

Summary of the work of Manpreet Darroch, a young campaigner for better road safety.

Education - Secondary years


Game: Driving challenge

In this game, users are put in the position of a driver, trying to concentrate on what is happening on the road while listening to a mobile phone conversation.

THINK! Driving challenge


Picture: Crossing the road

Image of a street intersection.

Education - Secondary years


Poster: Two things at once

A poster demonstrating the dangers of driving while using a mobile phone.

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Video: Camera phone

A hard hitting video which focuses on pedestrian distraction. It uses camera-phone-style footage to show a group of young people messing about and enjoying themselves as they walk down a street.

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Video: Mobile phones, split screen

A hard hitting video showing the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving.

THINK! campaigns