Age 11-14 Key Stage 3

Challenging risky behaviour

Teaching students aged 11-14 to develop strategies for using positive peer pressure to keep themselves and those around them safe.

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Lesson Pack Introduction: Challenging risky behaviour (Lower Secondary)

Overview of the Lesson Pack and the importance of teaching road safety. Includes advice on involving parents.

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Lesson Plan: Challenging risky behaviour (Lower Secondary)

Teaching students to consider why some young people engage in risky behaviour. Helping them develop strategies for resisting peer pressure to keep themselves and others safe.

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Activity Sheet: Under pressure (11-14)

An Activity Sheet linked with the interactive 'Under pressure (11-14) information (TRC118)

Education - Secondary years


Interactive: Under pressure (11-14)

In this activity, students are asked to read the stories of several young people who find themselves under pressure to behave in a risky manner, and advise on what they should say and do to stay safer.

Education - Secondary years