Age 5-7 Key Stage 1

In car safety

Teaching children aged 5-7 about the importance of using car seats/booster seats when travelling in a car.

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Lesson Pack Introduction: In car safety (Lower Primary)

Overview of the Lesson Pack and the importance of teaching road safety. Includes advice on involving parents.

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Lesson plan: In car safety (Lower Primary)

Teaching children that they should always be in a car seat/booster when travelling in a car (and to use the right car seat/booster for their weight).

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Game: Safe place to sit (interactive)

An interactive online game to teach children the importance of using booster seats in cars.

Education - Early years


Poster: Booster cushion

A poster of a Booster cushion Suitable for children 22–36kg_

Education - Early years


Poster: Booster seat

A poster of a booster seat suitable for children 15–25kg and up to 36kg.

Education - Early years


Poster: Car seat

A poster of a car seat suitable for children 9–18kg.

Education - Early years


Home-link Sheet: Car clever

A Home-link Sheet for children to take home to complete with their parents, which links with the work they have done on behaving safely in cars.

Education - Early years