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Life on a bike

Have you ever wanted to know more about professional riders such as FireBikes and police riders, or understand more about why SMIDSY’s (Sorry mate, I didn’t see you) collisions occur and how to improve your safety on the road? Read our latest 'Life on a Bike' interviews to find out more!

Why are SMIDSY’s between car drivers and motorcyclists so common?

David Crundall

David Crundall, Professor of Psychology, specialises in Traffic and Transport Psychology at Nottingham Trent University. David explains why SMIDSY’s between car drivers and motorcyclists occur so commonly and the key differences between novice and experienced riders and those who’ve done further training.
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Riders for Health – mobilising health workers in rural Africa

Muncheni village

Andrea Coleman is co-founder and CEO of Riders for Health, a charity which mobilises health workers in rural Africa with motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles. We asked Andrea what makes a motorbike so effective at delivering healthcare in Africa.

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Using FireBikes to promote motorcycle safety


Andy Stroulger manages the FireBike team for Essex County Fire and Rescue Service. He explains what the team do, their top tips to help you stay safe on the road and talks about his best biking memories.
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BikeSafe is a police-led motorcycle project run by most forces throughout the UK. Their workshops help bikers identify their riding strengths and weaknesses through presentations and observed rides and direct riders onto further training with either the IAM, RoSPA or ERS.
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IAM a Rider

IAM a Rider

The freedom of riding your bike is one of life’s great pleasures. But regardless of whether you’re new to the bike, returning after a break or have many years’ experience, advanced riding courses can make you a better rider and bring even greater enjoyment to your ride. Find out more about IAM's advanced riding courses.

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RoSPA Advanced Riding Test


Bikers should aspire to be the best rider they can be! Passing your motorcycle test doesn’t mean you’ve learnt everything there is to know about riding, rather riders should consider it as the first step in a continual learning curve. The RoSPA Advanced Motorcycling Test is the next step on that curve.

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Watch never too good video

WATCH: The 'Never too good' campaign encourages motorcyclists to undertake further training.

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Stay in control
This campaign for motorcyclists offers essential riding tip

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Watch nemed rider video

WATCH:Our video shows a perfect motorcycle ride where a rider is warned of hazards on the road before he reaches them. Real life isn't like this, so riders need to THINK! ahead when they are on the road


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