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There are many different motorcycle training packages to suit every type of rider. You may be newly qualified or returning to biking after a period of time away from the bike. Even if you’ve been riding for years there’s always something new to learn, a skill to refresh or a bad riding habit to break.

Below is a short overview and useful links to help you discover the benefits of extra training:

Post test

Institut of Advanced Motorists

IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists)
The IAM offer a number of different training routes:

Skill for Life
The Skill for Life programme teaches five phases of advanced riding; information, position, speed, gear and acceleration, so regardless of whether you're navigating country lanes, busy roads, or tackling British weather, you have the skills and knowledge to remain confident and in control. At the end of the programme riders take an advanced riding test.

Any rider can do the Skill for Life programme as long as you hold a full motorcycle licence at A, A1 or A2 and have a bike that is capable of sustaining the national speed.

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Duration: A typical rider requires approximately eight training sessions to prepare for the test
Cost: £149 which includes a riding handbook, all observed rides, your test fee, a one year membership to the IAM and your local IAM.

The IAM are supporting THINK!’s motorcycling safety campaign by offering a 10% discount off their Skill for Life course. To claim your discount, book online and quote 'THINK10' in the discount box.

A great way for riders to get a 'taster' of what IAM training is all about without taking an advanced test or for those who want to take the first steps towards advanced riding.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: £40

Skills Days
Offer exciting and stimulating riding experiences at prominent racing circuits around the UK. You’ll receive six separate on-track sessions focusing on anticipation, cornering, planning, smoothness and understanding how your bike performs in different situations. There are two levels: beginners and intermediate .

Duration: 1 day

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RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents)
Advanced Motorcycling Test

The RoSPA Advanced Motorcycling Test is an on-road riding test covering as many different road types and traffic conditions as possible, from rural lanes to fast multi-lane roads or motorways. Riders will be able to demonstrate:

  • Understanding of the general and specific local causes of accidents
  • Appreciation of how human factors affect performance
  • Understanding of the need for a systems-approach to vehicle checks
  • Strong observations and awareness of potential risk on the road
  • A systematic and defensive approach to hazard management and risk reduction

Riders can prepare for the test by joining their local RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR) group . There are over 60 groups around the country which are run by volunteers and provide free riding tuition. The time required depends on the individual rider, but is likely to be spread over a number of weeks or months.

Riders are awarded a bronze, silver or gold rating after the test. The Test must re-taken every three years in order to retain your award. This is free provided that the annual RoADAR subscription has been paid.

Any motorcyclist with a full licence is able to take the test.

Duration: The test lasts between 45-75 minutes. The amount of training required before being ready to take the test depends on the individual rider but is likely to be spread over a number of weeks or months.
Cost: The test costs £57 (£47 for riders under 26 years) and all tuition is free. The annual RoADAR subscription cost £23 and subscription to your local group usually costs £20 - £30 per annum.

RoSPA are supporting THINK!’s motorcycle safety campaign by offering a 5% discount off the Advanced Riding Test fee. To claim your discount, quote 'THINK!16' on your RoSPA test application form.

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Advanced Motorcycle Course
Ideal for people who ride for work or need to take the RoSPA Advanced Test quickly, this course, taken over four consecutive days, includes a half day classroom session and on-road riding. The Advanced Test takes place at the end and is included in the course fee.

Duration: Four days
Cost: £1,350 for RoSPA members or £1,550 for non-members

Bike Safe

Delivered by police riders, a BikeSafe workshop involves an observed ride with feedback to help you identify your riding strengths and weaknesses.

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BikeSafe is a great place to begin developing your riding skills and a good introduction to advanced riding. After completing an observed ride, BikeSafe recommend you do further training with one of the organisations below.

Duration: The workshop usually takes a day to complete
Cost: Cost varies across the forces.

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Enhanced rider scheme

Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS)
The Enhanced Rider Scheme is a bespoke riding course aimed at all levels of riders from newly qualified to those returning to biking. The scheme offers tailor made training to help you build on your strengths and hone your skills on the road and begins with an on-road assessment. If you already meet the standard for ERS you’ll be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. Alternatively, your instructor will work with you to identify your goals and create a tailored training plan to help you achieve these.

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Duration: Varies by rider. Can be completed in one day if there are no areas of concern or over a few days if the rider needs more tuition.
Cost: Varies from one instructor to another and your riding ability. Contact your nearest instructor to discuss further.

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Off road training to improve road riding
Off road motorbike training (provided it is from a professional, accredited school (e.g. an A.C.U. (Auto Cycle Union) or MCITA approved centre) can train riding skills that are not typically taught by other types of advanced rider training courses.

Off road riding courses specifically train riding skills that, if not second nature to you, could lead to an accident or worse on the public roads.

The types of skills you can learn on a good off road motorbike training course include:

  • Riding safely on slippy surfaces like loose gravel, wet leaves, mud, slippy smooth surfaces e.g. paint, metal, etc.
  • How to achieve more grip through your tyres to avoid/minimise bike slipping
  • How to safely brake and stop your bike on surfaces of all grip levels, including slippy surfaces
  • Recovery of locked up brakes and front/rear wheels
  • Improved use of bike controls

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Local training schemes
As well as national training schemes, there are many local schemes delivered by road safety teams.

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Motorcycle Industry Trainers Association (MCITA)
The MCITA provide useful hints and tips on choosing a trainer including what to look for and questions you might ask. You can also search for a local pre or post-test trainer.

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Pre test

Riding a motorbike, moped or motor tricycle
Information about licence rules, vehicle categories, age limits and training for learning to ride a motorbike or moped.

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10% discount on motorbike insurance from Devitt

Devitt 10% discount on motorbike insurance

Riders who’ve completed the Enhanced Rider Scheme or further training with the IAM, RoSPA are eligible for 10% discount on their motorbike insurance with Devitt Insurance Services. The offer is for new insurance quotes only and cannot be applied to existing policies.

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10% discount on motorbike insurance at Carole Nash

Devitt 10% discount on motorbike insurance

Carole Nash offer up to 10% discount for customers who have completed the Enhanced Rider Scheme or further training with the IAM or RoSPA. The offer is for new insurance quotes only and cannot be applied to existing policies.

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