The THINK! Education resources

The activities on this site have been specifically designed to support the secondary school national curriculum for England.

They will also apply to other curricula. They are designed to be used flexibly and it is not expected that you will work through all the activities. The curriculum link tables summarise the curriculum relevance for each activity.

Each activity can be used independently and will work well in single tutor group sessions or as a series to support the PSHE and Citizenship programmes of study. Cross-curricular links can be developed using the activities that support the English, Science and Design & Technology curricula.

If you are not sure where to start, suggested routes through these resources can be found here.

All resources include teacher notes and student worksheets when necessary. They use engaging online interactive tasks and thought-provoking media such as video where appropriate.

While the teachers' area is divided by subject, the students' area (also the homepage) of the site is divided into themes to allow for the possibility that students might wish to browse the site themselves.

The table below summarises these themes and the activities within each one:

Students' area themes and activities
Theme Activities / links Media Key Stage

Media and advertising

Advertising campaigns - links to all THINK! campaigns covered in the KS3 and KS4 resources.

Case studies of young people who have been involved in campaigns for greater road safety.

Weblinks, HTML, PDF

KS3 & 4

Incident scene

Interactive activity which asks students to examine the scene of a car incident where a young boy is injured crossing the road.

Interactive activity which asks students to make deductions about a road incident involving a young newly qualified driver and his passengers. There is one fatality.


1 - KS3
2 - KS4

It's a fact

Interactive questions examining students' knowledge of risk and the roads.


KS3 & 4


Information page for students about road safety law and how it applies to them.



What's the story?

'Vox pops' exploring a range of attitudes towards road safety common among young people.

Interactive questions examining behaviour on the roads.


Transition, KS3 & 4

Making choices

Interactive activity which asks students to make a journey from home to the cinema, making choices along the way. They need to balance staying safe with everything else that is going on in their lives.




Framework helping students to plan their route, e.g. to their new secondary school.


Transition and KS3


Framework helping students to plan their route, e.g. to work experience.



Some activity sheets are not available in the students' area. They are only available in the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 resource banks in the teachers' area.