The importance of being seen

If you're a driver, then you'll know how difficult it can sometimes be to see pedestrians or cyclists wearing dark clothes at night or when visibility is poor. When they are choosing what to wear, young people should be aware that they will be safer if they wear some brighter or lighter clothing. You could encourage your son or daughter to:

  • wear some white, bright, or light clothing, particularly on dull days or in the evening
  • wear a high-visibility tabard, armband or belts when they are cycling
  • choose a bright bag, or one with high-visibility strips
  • stick reflective or high visibility stickers on bags or coats.

My son and daughter are reluctant to take my advice on what to wear. What should I do to encourage them to dress brightly?

Consider steering them in the direction of fashionable outdoor wear and accessories such as bags, coats and hats that have ideally fluorescent – or failing that – bright or white strips or markings as part of the design. While they might be resistant to wearing a high-visibility tabard, this approach is more subtle and more likely to be accepted by your son and daughter. Make sure you set a good example and dress appropriately as well.