In 2009, almost 2,150 children aged 12–16 were hurt in road incidents because they did not look properly before crossing the road. Talking and messing about with friends, texting, talking on a phone and listening to music are all distractions that make pedestrians less safe.

I've noticed that my son is very easily distracted when we're out on the roads together. He has also started to insist on listening to his mp3 player all the time, and is constantly texting on his mobile phone. How can I make him pay attention on the roads?

Young people can sometimes tend to mess about with their friends while travelling from place to place. When you're out and about together, try to make sure he stops and pays attention when crossing the road. Talk to your son about paying attention to other road users and not being distracted by friends, mobile phones or mp3 players when he is crossing a road. Clearly, the example you set is also important here.

You could show him some of these advertising campaigns, designed to highlight the possible consequences of being distracted on the roads, and discuss them with him. What is his reaction?

Important: please note some of this material contains shocking images so make sure you preview it first.

Camera phone ad


mp3 poster


Teen mobile phone poster