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THINK! Education is a free, curriculum-linked road safety programme from the Department for Transport. The programme offers a unique, comprehensive range of interactive resources, created by road safety experts, aimed at young people aged 3 to 16 and their teachers and parents. The site aims to help reduce the number of young people killed and seriously injured on the roads.

There are separate areas for Secondary students aged 11–16 and for Early Years and Primary pupils aged 3–11.

On the primary home page you'll find sections for teachers, pupils and parents. There is also a section for leaders of out-of-school groups and one for road safety professionals, with guidance on using the resources with schools.

In the teachers' area there is a link to guidance on delivering road safety education. Classroom teachers select the age group that they’re teaching.

The introduction includes information on why it's important to teach road safety, taking children off the premises, involving parents, managing sensitivities and diversity, the themes covered by the resources and the different elements to the programme.

There are comprehensive curriculum links and detailed lesson ideas on major road safety themes.

We're going to look at 'Ready to ride?', the cycling safety theme, as an example. There are learning objectives, a link to the relevant part of the curriculum links section, key vocabulary and a summary of the different activities in this section. Teachers can mix and match to meet the needs of their class.

Full teachers' notes are provided for each activity, including a time estimate and a resource list. Many link to the films, interactive games and stories, posters and activity sheets in the pupils' area.

We're going to look at the Over 7s area as an example. Tales of the road, a highway code, can be found in the 'Read' section. The 'Do' section includes activity sheets. Children can 'Watch' road safety dramas, and the 'Play' section includes interactive activities.

One of the interactive games for over 7s is 'Crash scene investigation'. The children take on the role of police officer, investigating an incident scene to find out what happened.

First they look for clues, then they have to write a police report about what happened.

There is also a parents' area, with sections for parents of 3-5s, 5-7s and 7-11s, containing information on a variety of road safety topics. Parents can also access downloadable 'home-link' sheets full of activities for them to complete with their children.

Whether you're a pupil, teacher, parent or road safety professional, we hope you enjoy using the THINK! Education resources.

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