Text version for 'Mindset voxpops 14-16'

In this activity you can read about the attitudes towards road safety held by these young people aged 14 to 16.


My mate's older brother picked us up. He turned up with three mates already stuffed in the back of his car. They'd been at the pub and they were messing about.

I didn't save any money for the bus because I thought I was getting a lift and I didn't want to criticise my mate's brother, so I just crammed in. He drove really fast and I was well relieved to get home ok but what else could I have done?


They didn't force me to have a drink but they were all doing it at the party. I wanted to see what it was like. It tasted horrible, but they'd think I was scared and boring if I didn't join in. On the way home it was dark and rainy. We were fooling about and I just stepped out into the road. A car nearly hit me. I was lucky. What should I have done?


My dad's always mouthing off at other drivers when he's driving. It's pretty funny. He's been done for speeding twice but says he'll be all right because he's a good driver. He says it's the other drivers he needs to worry about because they're not as good as him.

I'm going to learn to drive when I'm 17 and he's said he'll show me. Do you think I'll be as good a driver as my dad?


My boyfriend's always speeding. He says he knows the road and he can handle going fast. I don't think it's dangerous 'cos he's a good driver, but I get worried sometimes and it makes me feel nervous when I'm in the car with him.

He gets annoyed when I ask him to slow down, so I don't bother anymore. What else can I do?


I don't there's any point worrying about it. I mean if you are going to get run over then it will just happen. It's not like you can do anything to stop it if it's coming your way. If you're in the wrong place at the wrong time and the driver's going to hit you, there's nothing you can do about it. Don't you think?


Me and my friends never used to wear our seat belts in the back. They're too uncomfortable and we're too old for that now anyway.

But then I saw this advert on the internet. It was about what happens if you don't wear seat belts in the back and it really made me think. I showed it to my friends, and I always wear a seat belt now. Do you think I'm being too careful?


I've started cycling to school with my mate Ben. I LOVE riding my bike, it's so much better than being stuck on the school bus full of annoying Year 7s. I had a near miss the other day though. I swerved into the pavement and fell off, but I had my helmet on and I was fine. My bike's been a bit dodgy since then but I'm no good at mechanical things. It's made me worried that I don't know the rules of the road, which lane to be in and stuff. Maybe I need training or something?

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