Text version for 'Mindset voxpops 11-14'

In this activity you can read about the attitudes towards road safety held by these young people aged 11 to 14.


Adults go on about how dangerous the roads are and how I should always use road crossings. But then when they cross the road they do it anywhere. Why should I be bothered about road safety if they aren't?


I've started cycling to school with my friends. I LOVE riding my bike, it's so much better than being stuck on the school bus. I had cycle training, it was really good and taught me new skills and how to make myself safer on the road.

I was arranged by my school and mum suggested that I go. I'm really glad I did, I feel much more confident now. I'm going to get my friends to do it.


My mum's always like “wear your cycle helmet, wear your cycle helmet”. But it messes up my hair and I don't want anyone at school to see me wearing it. No one else does, and people would just make jokes if anyone did. I go off without it if she's not looking, or if she makes me, I take it off as soon as I'm around the corner.


My mates were playing chicken. Running across in front of cars. I thought it was stupid but I didn't want to look scared. So I joined in as well. I only did it once though.


I always, always use the zebra crossing near school, even though it's a bit further to walk. I make my mates use it too. Last year this girl from school just ran across straight into a cyclist. She got massive bruises all over and got a scar on her face. She said she felt really bad because the cyclist got hurt as well.


We did lots about road safety in my primary school. Now I'm in the secondary school it's not that important 'cos I'm not a little kid anymore. Been there, done that. None of my friends has been hurt. I don't think I need to worry about it.


I know what the rules are but you don't always remember them in real life. When I'm late for school, which is like nearly every day, I'm just thinking about getting there in time so I don't get a detention. I have had a couple of close calls. I jumped a red light on my bike the other day and nearly ran into this old guy walking his dog. I guess I was lucky.


Road safety? Nah, that's not something I even think about. It's not in the news on TV or on the radio every day like being stabbed or mugged. Those things scare me.

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