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In this activity, students are asked to examine the scene of a collision, and work out what they think might have happened. They then 'rewind' to explore the causes of the collision, and 'fast forward' to explore the consequences.

A 15 year old girl called Tia was travelling in a car with three friends, Chloe, Ryan and Dom. The car was driven by Ryan, 18, her friend's boyfriend. Ryan lost control of the car and Tia was killed.

The evidence suggests that:

After the collision, Tia's family and friends are struggling to piece their lives back together:

Transcripts for video content from Incident scene – 14–16


Chloe: Hiya Ryan.

Dom: Hi Chloe. No, it's Dom here. Ryan's driving.

Chloe: Oh ok. Can you tell Ryan we're just coming out of the gig. We'll meet him outside in ten minutes.

Dom: Ok Chloe. See you there in five.



Tia: Oh my gosh it's our song! [Sings along]

Dom: [Imitates their singing in a high pitched voice] What is that stuff?!

Chloe: Dom!

Tia: What are you trying to say about our singing? I think we sound really beautiful.

Dom: Yeah beautiful if you've got ear plugs in.

Tia: Let's hear YOUR singing then.

Chloe: Yeah, go on Dom!

Dom: Erm. No.

Tia: Let's hear that voice of an angel.

Ryan: I don't think ANY of us want to hear Dom singing.

Tia: Well if gonna be taking the mick out of us, then you've got to take your turn. Go on! [Sings a line].

Dom: Alright listen listen listen! No way am I singing to that song. Hold on. [Changes the channel to a station playing rap music]. Yea. That's what I'm talking about!

Tia: That's not a fair comparison. That's just talking.

Chloe: Yea plus we HATE that music.

Dom: Listen, rappers are highly creative artists. And maybe if you understood it, maybe you'd even like it.

Tia: Switch it back! Stop being so annoying!

Dom: Look I'm just trying to give you guys a bit of musical taste.

Chloe: You're so rude! Remind me again what you got in your GCSE Music?
[Unbuckles her seat belt and leans through to change the channel, then leans back and puts her belt back on.]

Ryan: Chloe. I'm trying to concentrate!

Chloe: Sorry Ry. But maybe if YOUR friend wasn't being SO annoying I wouldn't have to take control.

Dom: [Imitates Chloe's voice while turning back the channel.]
Ooh, so annoying!

Tia: [Unbuckles her seat belt and leans through to change the channel, then leans back but does not put her belt back on.]
There! And that's the last time it's changing.

Dom: Or what?

Tia: Or maybe we won't be your friend!

Dom: Oh, I'm so devastated.

Ryan: Can you two stop flirting please?

Tia: Urr excuse me, there is NO flirting going on in this car!



Police officer: The car is registered as belonging to Mrs E Ellison. The driver, Ryan Ellison, 18, had only recently passed his test. I could not find evidence of the driver being unfit to drive due to drink or drugs. The car did not seem to be speeding. The car left the road and hit trees on the outside of the bend.

Reports from the emergency services who attended the incident said that the driver and front passenger were wearing seat belts. One female rear passenger was wearing a seat belt, and the other was not.



Radio reporter: sIt's time for a traffic update from your Woodside FM Eye in the Sky. The Woodside bypass between Cutlow and Hadston is clearing, after being blocked following a serious accident. Road works are causing delays on the motorway around Junctions 9 and 10, with a restricted speed limit in operation. Otherwise no problems to report. We'll be back at 7pm with another update. Now back to Jamie Ross for some more top tunes.



Chloe: I couldn't go back to school and do my exams after all that happened. I couldn't face anyone. So this year I'll have to catch up. I'll just put my head down and get through the exams.

Tia's gone, and I miss her so much. We were best friends since we were Year 7. Why did it have to happen? We weren't doing anything wrong were we? At least nothing everyone else doesn't do.

Today was mine and Ryan's anniversary. I loved him so much. I don't blame him; I think we all contributed to what happened and Tia shouldn't have taken off her seat belt. But he feels guilty and he's all weird with me, and we just remind each other of what happened.



Dom: I wasn't sure whether to come back this year. I mean, I failed all my exams and my confidence has just gone.

Some people have been saying that it was my fault. If I hadn't been playing around then it wouldn't have caused Ryan to lose control.

The police were saying that it was the seat belts are what saved us, but I've still got this [gestures to forehead]. And every time I look in the mirror it's like a constant reminder.

I don't even know how I'm going to face Tia's family, or her friends. I just dunno what I'm going to do anymore.



Ryan: I was so excited when I passed my test. You never think it's going to lead to killing someone though do you? My girlfriend's best friend. Not that she's my girlfriend now – I can't even look at her.

I keep going over it in my head. Mum says it wasn't my fault, I wasn't speeding. I wasn't drinking. They were all messing about. And then Tia took off her seat belt. I knew I had only passed my test in March, and I hardly had any experience. I should have gone slower. I'll always be wondering whether that would've made a difference.

I think I'll drive again, but I can't afford the insurance now. I had big plans. A gap year travelling, uni. But how can I enjoy it all when I know that Tia will never get to do that stuff?


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