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In this activity, students are asked to examine the scene of a collision, and work out what they think might have happened. They then 'rewind' to explore the causes of the collision, and 'fast forward' to explore the consequences.

A 13 year old boy called Josh was hit by a car, and has some injuries which will take several months to heal.

The evidence suggests that:

After the collision, Josh has to spend a lot of time resting. When he's a bit better, he has to spend a lot of his free time catching up on homework. He misses the end-of-term school trip to the theme park. His mum worries about him putting too much strain on his leg, and making journeys alone, becoming overprotective, which limits Josh's freedom.

Transcripts for video content from Incident scene – 11–14


Josh: What are you two still doing here?

Jay: We were at a meeting for the end-of-term party.

Alex: It's gonna be awesome!

Jay: So I see you got your phone back then?

Josh: Yeah. Sampson had it since like Tuesday and I've got like fifty texts on it now.

Alex: Sampson's WELL strict. Why did he take it off you?

Josh: Well I was messing about in lessons, you know taking pictures of Ben and then he's like "JOSHua, WHAT did I tell you about mobile telephone devices?". So I was like, whatever, and he screams at me going "DeTENtttttttttttion" and I'm like 'Noooooooooooo' you know, cos I really wanna get in the queue for this game.

Jay: I bet your Mum was annoyed!

Josh: Yeah, she was all like "Katie never gets detentions, why are you always getting detentions"?

Alex: Yeah my mum's like that.

Jay: Same.

Josh: Look at this picture of Ben though, it was funny. Look at his nose!

[They crowd around phone and laugh]

Alex: Where's this game thing of yours anyways?

Josh: In town.

[A text arrives on Josh's phone]

Josh: Um I gotta go. I'll catch you guys later. See ya.



Adult driver [singing to baby]:

Wind the bobbin up. Wind the bobbin up. Pull. Pull. Clap, clap, clap.

We see a car driving along a residential street with parked cars on the left. Inside the car, the adult driver sings a lullaby to his baby in a child seat on the backseat.

Meanwhile, Josh hurries along the pavement in the opposite direction on the right hand side of the suburban street, stopping to check the flier for the new computer game he can't wait to buy.

A bus passes by Josh and pulls up at a bus stop ahead of him. He groans but decides to make a run for it.

Opposite the bus Josh dashes without looking between two parked cars onto the road. He doesn't see the car coming in the opposite direction.

Josh appears out of nowhere right in front of the adult driver. He slams on the brakes. We hear the sound of tires screeching.

Josh's friends look up at the distant scene ahead of them as we hear the sound of a dull 'thud'. They stop in their tracks.

We see the flier for the new computer game float down onto the concrete.



Driver: I was just singing to Jack in the back. It wasn't my fault though, was it? I mean I wasn't speeding; I was looking at the road. He just came out from nowhere, from between the cars. I slammed on my brakes but there was nothing else I could've done. It just happened really quick, you know. Is he going to be alright?



Witness: Is he going to be all right? I think the boy was running for the bus. He ran ahead of the other boys, looking down the road towards the car, but I think he must've only been thinking about getting on the bus, he would've seen the car otherwise. I mean there was no way the driver could have stopped in time. He wasn't speeding or anything, but the boy just came out right in front of him.



Jay: He's going to be fine, Mrs Jameson, he's going to be ok, but Josh has to go to hospital because he's hurt his head and his leg and there's quite a bit of blood but they said it's not as bad as it looks.

It was a car.

Can you come now?

No, no, he's ok, but he's on his own.

They said we can't come with him. Can you meet him there?

Yea yea, that's the one. But they said he's going to be fine. He's going to be fine.



Doctor: Josh has been very lucky. Now he's got some knee ligament damage so we're going to see how that heals, and once we've reviewed it I may make a referral for him to see a physiotherapist.

He's got some minor concussion so he'll need to take it very easy over the next few weeks. We've stitched that cut on his head, but what you'll need to do is to make an appointment to see the Nurse to have the stitches taken out. But everything should clear up in about one or two months...

[Addressing comment to Josh]

...providing you get lots of rest - so not so many computer games for you for a while!

Mum: What about school work - can I contact the school and get some homework so he doesn't fall too far behind?

Doctor: Yes that's absolutely fine. He'll be well enough in a couple of days just to start catching up.



Mum: You be careful, it's your first time out. I don't want you back in hospital. Don't do anything silly on that leg and no messing about. I'll be back at half nine to collect you, if you're not ready I'll come and get you!


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