Think! Education

Activity 4: Route planning


60 minutes


This activity is aimed at Year 5 and Year 6 pupils, who will soon be going to secondary school. Use the Transition lesson plan, A new journey - new window, found on the secondary THINK! Education site.

Screengrab of secondary THINK! Education site

Begin by discussing the transition to secondary school and how many of the class will be making longer walking journeys in the near future. Explain how these journeys have been identified as posing a risk to pupils in terms of road safety.

If pupils don't yet know which secondary school they will be going to, they can look at their own current journeys and the journey to one of the local secondary schools.

As a follow-up activity, children could produce their own sketch maps of routes and mark on hazards as well as 'safer places' such as crossing patrols, pelicans and footbridges.