Think! Education

Activity 1: Kerr's story


30-40 minutes


Show the children the Kerr’s story video. This tells the story of an 11 year old boy, a promising footballer, who on an overcast day walks along his own road wearing a hood and listening to an MP3 player. He stops to text a friend and is hit by a car reversing out of a drive, breaking his leg. He tells his own story, explaining how he is now unable to play football following the incident.

  1. Talk about the video, ensuring that the children know what happened in the story and understand the cause of the collision along with its consequences. Questions to discuss might include:
    • Who is Kerr? Tell me 5 things about him.
    • What happened to Kerr?
    • Why?
    • Why does he wish he’d worn different clothes?
    • How has the accident affected Kerr? Tell me 5 things he can’t do now.

    Point out that high-visibility clothing can make people safer. Some people have to wear fluorescent clothing as part of their job.
  2. Drama can also be used to respond to the story:
    • Hot-seating: let a confident child take on the role of Kerr and let the class quiz him about the accident and its effects.
    • Role-play in groups: in groups of three, let children play and swap the roles of Kerr and two friends visiting him in hospital, asking those awkward questions about how he is.
  3. Alternatively, use the Kerr’s story activity sheet (PDF 297kb) - new window, which asks pupils to reflect on what happened in the video and how it could have been prevented.