Think! Education

Theme 1: The road ahead (Pedestrian safety)

Learning objectives

  • For children to understand what constitutes safe and unsafe behaviour for pedestrians and to know that unsafe behaviour often has serious consequences.
  • For children to know the importance of wearing bright/fluorescent clothing (in daytime) and reflective materials (at night).

Curriculum links for the 'The road ahead' activities are provided.

Vocabulary to be developed

Traffic, look and listen, pedestrian, high-visibility, fluorescent, reflective, consequences, crash, collision, incident, hazard, risk, unsafe, TV campaign, route, junction, pelican crossing, puffin crossing, traffic island, witness, zebra crossing


Activity 1: Kerr’s story – a short video clip introducing pupils to Kerr, who wasn’t paying attention and didn’t notice a car reversing from a drive. Supporting role play ideas and worksheets provided.

Activity 2: Snakes and hazards – an interactive Flash game testing pupils’ knowledge of pedestrian safety.

Activity 3: TV campaign – pupils analyse road safety TV advertisements, then take on the role of advertising executives to create their own.

Activity 4: Route planning – Year 5 and 6 pupils use Google Maps to complete a risk assessment of their own routes to and from their current school and their future secondary school.

Extension activities

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