Think! Education

Activity 4: Sign here


40 minutes for the quiz (with 20 minutes for the follow up)


As cyclists, it is vital that children know the Highway Code, can identify hazards and know and understand road signs. In this activity, pupils are shown signs and compete in groups to identify them (and the significance of their shapes/colours).

The traffic signs required for this activity can be downloaded and printed (in colour) from the Highway Code site - new window or they can be shown on screen using a projector.

Split the class into groups of about four and explain that they are going to compete in a road safety quiz. Take turns to show each group a sign for identification, recording a mark on the board for each correct answer (encouraging conferring), allowing another group to answer after an incorrect response.

Vary the types of signs and give bonus marks for identifying types:

  • Signs giving orders: mostly circular – blue ones usually tell you what you must do, and ones with red borders usually tell you not to do something
  • Warning signs: usually triangular with a red border
  • Information signs: usually rectangular

After the quiz pupils can design new road signs, either identifying the need for a new sign or can design a sign for a given location or situation, e.g. No stopping.

The Sign language activity sheet (PDF 400kb) - new window can be used to reinforce learning.