Think! Education

Activity 3: Web campaign


60+ minutes (pupils may need a second session to present their ideas)


  • Computers with PowerPoint or equivalent software, digital camera or cameras, or large sheets of paper for storyboarding (depending on chosen approach)
  • Pens and paper
  • Copies of the Make an ad campaign activity sheet (PDF 260kb) - new window (optional)
  • Copies of the Tales of the Road booklet for reference

In this activity children work in groups to create an online advertising campaign. The aim of the campaign can be either:

In both cases the emphasis will be on cycling safely.

Children begin by researching cycling safety and in their groups decide on a single key point to get across, such as wearing helmets or using lights. Pupils then decide what their web campaign will consist of - it could have video, animation, images, adverts or a slide show. Pupils are invited to pitch their ideas to the boss of the website (the teacher), like competing advertising agencies.

Each group uses PowerPoint or other media to present their ideas in storyboard fashion, with slogan and other details. The class, acting as advisers to the boss, watch the presentations and decide which will be most effective in terms of encouraging cycling and reducing cycling casualties amongst the target 9–11 age group.

The Make an ad campaign activity sheet could be used to assist with planning.