Think! Education

Activity 1: Amir's story


30-40 minutes


  1. Show the children the Amir’s story video, which tells the story of an 11 year old boy who goes for a ride on the new bike he has been given for his birthday. He rides too close to some parked cars and is hit by a car door which is opened suddenly. He is taken to hospital with minor injuries and misses the evening cinema that was planned for him. Amir regrets not using the cycle route which he could have taken.
  2. Talk about the video, ensuring that the children know what happened in the story and understand the cause of the crash along with its consequences. Questions to discuss might include:
    • Why was Amir riding his bike that day?
    • What did Amir do right?
    • What made him decide to go along that particular route?
    • How did the crash happen?
    • What could Amir have done to avoid the crash?
    • Were there any consequences to this event?
  3. Drama can also be used to respond to the story:
    • Hot-seating: choose a volunteer to take on the role of the person who opened the car door. How did it happen?
    • Role-play in groups: in pairs children can take on and swap the roles of Amir and a police officer interviewing him about how the events of that day.
  4. Alternatively, use the Amir’s story activity sheet (PDF 238kb) - new window