Think! Education

Theme 3: Ready to ride? (Cycle safety)

Learning objectives

  • For children to understand what constitutes safe and unsafe behaviour for cyclists and how to be as safe as possible on a bike
  • For children to understand how cycle training can help to minimise the risk of cycling
  • For children to know the importance of high visibility clothing, wearing a cycle helmet, using lights at night, and keeping their cycle in good working order

Curriculum links for the 'Ready to ride' activities are provided.

Vocabulary to be developed

Traffic, cycle, cyclist, pedestrian, high-visibility, fluorescent, reflective, cause, witness, statement, report, safety, training, helmet, campaign, storyboard, road sign, hazard, warning, orders, directions, signal, crash, incident


Activity 1: Amir’s story – a short video clip introducing pupils to Amir, who was hit by a car door that opened suddenly while he was cycling. Supporting role play ideas and worksheets provided.

Activity 2: Crash scene investigation – the children take on the role of police officer to investigate what might have caused a crash involving a cyclist.

Activity 3: Web campaign – pupils put together a web campaign with a cycling safety theme.

Activity 4: Sign here – a quiz focusing on different types of road sign.

Extension activities

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