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Extension activities

Drama is an extremely useful vehicle for tackling the issues of risk assessment and decision-making and with dealing with peer pressure to behave in unsafe ways. For Year 6 pupils moving towards the transition to secondary school this may be particularly relevant, as this age group will be making longer journeys to school and will find themselves in situations where there is unsafe behaviour near traffic.

  • Role play can be an effective was to deal with an issue such as crossing a busy road rather than waiting for traffic lights. In groups of three, children can develop a scenario where one child suggests crossing the road at the closest place, while the other two argue the case for using the nearby pedestrian traffic light crossing.
  • Role play can also be used with two children acting as parents teaching a younger child how to cross between parked cars if there is nowhere else to cross. Children can use the Tales of the Road booklet to find guidance on how to do this safely.
  • Hot-seating involves one person acting in role and taking the ‘hot seat’ to be interviewed by a larger group who ask questions. The roles children might take on could include a traffic warden, police officer or school crossing patrol who often see unsafe behaviour. A crash victim could also take the hot seat as in the Yasmin follow-up notes above.