Think! Education

Activity 2: Codebreaker


15 minutes per group to play the game (groups of 3 suggested)


  • Computers with internet access for the interactive Flash game

This five-part online game is based on the Green Cross Code and can be used to reinforce the code and help children to recall its five steps in order, and to understand what they mean. The game can be played by individuals or small groups on a computer. The game can be used to introduce the code or even as a reward or extension activity following work on other activities. The Green Cross Code itself is explained in the Tales of the Road booklet and this can also be used to introduce the five steps for crossing the road safely.

Hint: In the first part of the game, Find the safest place to cross, the safest places, left to right, are: zebra crossing, traffic island, subway, school crossing patrol, footbridge, pedestrian crossing, straight stretch of road.