Think! Education

Activity 1: Yasmin's story


30-40 minutes


  1. Show the children the Yasmin’s story video, which tells the story of a 10 year old girl who runs out into the road and is hit by a car. Two girls called to her from across the road after school and offered to lend her a cool magazine she acted without thinking. Yasmin ended up with a painful broken arm and ribs, stuck at home over the summer holidays and unable to travel to Turkey for the family holiday.
  2. Talk about the video, ensuring that the children know what happened in the story and understand the cause of the accident along with its consequences. Questions to discuss might include:
    • Who is Yasmin? Tell me 5 things about her.
    • What happened to Yasmin?
    • Why?
    • What does she wish she’d done that afternoon?
    • How did the accident affect Yasmin? Are there any other consequences?
  3. Drama can also be used to respond to the story:
    • Hot-seating: let a confident child take on the role of Yasmin and let the class quiz her about the accident and its effects.
    • Role-play in groups: in threes let children play and swap the roles of Yasmin and her parents, talking about how she got hurt.
  4. Alternatively, use Yasmin’s story activity sheet.