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Theme 2: Careful crossing (Crossing the road)

Learning objectives

  • For children to understand the Green Cross Code and know why it is so important.
  • For children to know about the different types of road crossings and how to use them safely and know how to cross the road safely where no crossing is available.

Curriculum links for the 'Careful crossing' activities are provided.

Vocabulary to be developed

Green Cross Code, pedestrian, kerb, consequences, hazard, risk, junction, puffin crossing, pelican crossing, zebra crossing, traffic island, subway, footbridge, school crossing patrol, traffic warden, casualties, severe


Activity 1: Yasmin’s story – a short video clip introducing pupils to Yasmin, who didn’t stop, look and listen. Supporting role play ideas and worksheets provided.

Activity 2: Codebreaker – an interactive Flash game testing pupils’ knowledge of the Green Cross Code.

Activity 3: Data day – pupils look at road safety statistics.

Activity 4: Posters – a simple poster-making activity.

Extension activities

Home-link sheet