Think! Education

Activity 2: Don't distract Dad


10–20 minutes to play the online game


  • Computers with internet access for the interactive Flash game

This is a very simple online game which reinforces the main messages from the Tales of the Road booklet about safe behaviour when riding in cars. The game can be played by individual children or small groups and involves making decisions about a short car journey. The user is given a child passenger’s viewpoint and makes decisions about various aspects of the journey such as using a booster seat, wearing a seat belt, opening doors and getting out of the car on the pavement side.

Teachers will need to stress that not all children under the age of 12 need to use a booster seat – only those under 135cm tall. Those over 135cm (and 12 years and older) MUST always use a seat belt. This issue has been included because many 7–11 year-olds do still need a booster seat or booster cushion and don’t use them.

The game is designed to make children think about in-car safety and will produce discussion about behaviour, which should be encouraged.