Think! Education

Activity 1: Alisha's story


30–40 minutes (or longer if drama activities are to be included)


  1. Show the children the Alisha’s story video, which tells the story of a 9 year old girl, Alisha, who is in the car with her family going to the seaside on a very hot day. It takes a long time for them to park the car and Alisha was feeling impatient. She was really hot and uncomfortable, so she took off her seat belt. They were only driving slowly round a car park. Another car came around the corner and crashed into Alisha’s car. The driver was looking for a space and hadn’t noticed the one way system. Even though the cars weren’t going very fast, Alisha got quite a jolt, as she wasn’t wearing her seat belt. She’s stuck in bed because of her injuries and must spend the summer at home, away from her friends and very bored.
  2. Talk about the video, ensuring that the children know what happened in the story and understand the cause of the collision along with its consequences. Questions to discuss might include:
    • What kind of person is Alisha?
    • Explain how the collision happened.
    • What was the cause of it?
    • How could it have been avoided?
    • Why was the collision very serious for Alisha?
  3. Drama can also be used to respond to the story:

    Role-play in groups: in threes let children play the part of Alisha’s parents being interviewed by a police officer about the collision. The officer asks the parents various things:
  4. What happened that day, in detail?
    • What is Alisha like as a person?
    • Why might she have unbuckled her seat belt before the car stopped?
    • Did the children all have car seats and seat belts?
    They will explain how Alisha is doing now in terms of health.
  5. Alternatively, use the Alisha’s story activity sheet (PDF 262kb) - new window.