Think! Education

Theme 4: Car wise (In-car safety)

Learning objectives

  • For children to know that they must always use a booster seat/booster cushion if they are under 135cm in height when they are in a car. If they are over 135cm (or age 12 or over) they must always use a seat belt. For them to understand the possible consequences of not doing so.
  • For children to understand why distracting a driver is dangerous and know what other in-car behaviours are unsafe.

Vocabulary to be developed

Traffic, seat belt, child seat, booster seat, booster cushion, distraction, passenger, rear view mirror, collision

Curriculum links for the 'Car wise' activities are provided.


Activity 1: Alisha’s story – a short video clip introducing pupils to Alisha, who was hurt when she took her seatbelt off and the car she was travelling in was involved in a low speed collision. Supporting role play ideas and worksheets provided.

Activity 2: Don’t distract Dad – the children are challenged to resist the temptation to distract the driver on a car journey.

Activity 3: Car drama – Role play ideas helping children to rehearse how to resist peer pressure not to behave safely inside a vehicle.

Extension activity

Home-link sheet