Think! Education


A second THINK! Education website aimed at secondary schools is available at (opens in new window)

A new journey

Journey planner

The secondary site includes a 'transition' lesson plan (opens in new window) aimed at pupils in Year 6 who will soon be making the transition to secondary school. The activity focuses on thinking about attitudes towards road safety and risk assessing the journey to their new school.

A journey planner (opens in new window), including information for parents, can be downloaded from the site or ordered free from the teacher catalogue (opens in new window).

Other resources

Other Key Stage 3 resources on the secondary site may engage pupils in Years 5 and 6 with their more 'grown up' photographic style.

Older pupils may particularly enjoy the Key Stage 3 Incident scene (opens in new window) activity, focusing on Josh's story, which has links to PSHE, English and Drama.

The interactive activity puts pupils in the role of detective, examining an incident scene then 'rewinding' and 'fast forwarding' to find out what happened to Josh, what caused the incident and what its consequences were for him and his family and friends.

Incident scene and Cause and effect role cards

There activity is supported by a PSHE lesson plan (opens in new window) and an English and Drama lesson plan (opens in new window) for teachers.

Before using any of the resources aimed primarily at secondary students with your class, look through it yourself to make sure you are happy that it is suitable for your pupils.