Think! Education

Activity 4: Role play


15–20 minutes


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Children can take part in role play drama where they go on an imaginary journey and where they act out crossing the road in different ways. In each case children can take on the role of Az or Molly. If no adult is available to take on the role of Az's mum or Molly's dad, children can imagine that they are with a parent or adult carer.

The journey could start with using a pedestrian crossing to reach a particular destination on the other side. Ask the children to model each part of the process of using the crossing while pretending to hold hands. Children could also act out using a zebra crossing or footbridge, island or subway. On the return journey, older children could 'cross' the road where there is no crossing, and use the five stages of stop, look and listen outlined on activity sheet 6.

There is no substitute for practical experience gained out on the roads. If possible, get children practising crossing a real road near school in supervised one-to-one or one-to-two groups, again following the stop, look and listen model.

See Taking children off the school premises for further advice.

You may wish to investigate Kerbcraft, a well-researched and developed practical programme to help children aged 5–7 to learn to cross the road safely in real-life situations. Many local authorities train volunteers to work with children and staff. Find out more at