Think! Education

Activity 3: Crossing the road

Three A4 pictures are provided which show different types of road crossing:

  1. Poster 1 shows a puffin crossing with a green man and traffic lights. Ask whether there is a crossing like this near the school. This crossing features an island. Usually you need to wait for the traffic to stop in both directions, and then cross in one go. However where there is an island, you need to wait for the traffic to stop twice.
  2. Poster 2 shows a zebra crossing. Discuss how this is different from the puffin crossing. Ask what the beacons are for and the striped road markings. Emphasise how it is essential to wait for cars to stop before crossing. Talk about the island and the need to stop on it and wait, looking both ways and listening for approaching traffic.
  3. Poster 3 shows an adult and child waiting to cross a road where there is no crossing. Ask the class whether this is as safe as the two crossings above? What else could they look for? (Traffic lights at a junction, a footbridge or a subway, perhaps.) Discuss what they must do to cross. Talk about 'stop, look and listen' and why each part is important. Holding hands is advisable for younger children as shown here.

There are two activity sheets to accompany this activity. Activity sheet 1, Puffin crossing, shows Az and his mum crossing the road at a puffin crossing. Children must match labels to the key parts of the picture.

Activity sheet 2, aimed at Year 2 children, outlines a simplified version of the Green Cross Code. In this case, children complete the illustrations to accompany each of the five stages which show how to cross a road safely (featuring Az and his mother).