Think! Education

Activity 2: Stop, look and listen


10-15 minutes


  • A digital projector and screen connected to the internet for the Stop, look and listen interactive Flash game

This interactive is aimed at Year 2 children. It is called Stop, look and listen. The activity introduces the basics of the Green Cross Code (without naming it as such) and requires children to choose the correct option from two pictures to answer a series of questions about crossing the road.

After the activity, children should be encouraged to talk about crossing the road and where is the safest place. Ask why they need to stop, look and listen and where they should not try to cross if possible (e.g. between parked cars). Emphasise that they should cross the road with an adult and in a town they should use a crossing such as a pedestrian crossing if one is available. Activity 3 will help children learn more about crossings.