Think! Education

Theme 2: Stop, look and listen

Learning objectives

  • For children to understand what 'stop, look and listen' means.
  • For children to know why they need to follow rules for crossing the road and to be able to recognise safer places to cross.
  • For children and parents to begin to learn and use the Green Cross Code

Vocabulary to be developed

Traffic, road, street, car, vehicles, pavement, cross, crossing, bus stop, pedestrian, green man, zebra, button, safer, stop, look, listen, walk, run, hill, bend, kerb, driver, wait.

Curriculum links for the 'Stop, look and listen' activities are provided.


Introduction to the theme: Poster-led discussion establishing what traffic is and that it can be dangerous if we are not careful.

Activity 1: Cross safely – a story about finding safer places to cross.

Activity 2: Stop, look and listen – a game about the Green Cross Code.

Activity 3: Crossing the road – an activity about different types of crossing.

Activity 4: Role play – children imagine that they are crossing the road.

Extension activity

Home-link sheet