Think! Education

Activity 2: Is it safe?


10-15 minutes


  • None

Circle time can be used to emphasise key safety messages about playing more safely near traffic:

  • Ask pupils to sit in a circle. Name an outdoor game or fun activity that children play and ask the class to take it in turns to add to the list. This could include playing in a park, playing football, walking a dog, skating etc.
  • Suggest a game or outdoor play activity and a place it could be played. Pupils respond with thumbs up or down to show whether this is a good place for that activity or not. Here are some suggestions:
    • Playing football in a car park.
    • Playing with toys in your back garden.
    • Walking a dog through some woods.
    • Playing catch on a beach.
    • Skating on the pavement.
    • Riding a scooter outside some shops.
    • Pushing a bike along a footpath.
    • Having running races in a park.
    • Going on swings in a playground.
    • Bouncing a ball in a front garden.
    • Rollerblading on the road.
  • Ask children to say what they should do in certain situations:
    • If a ball rolls onto a road (ask an adult you know to get it).
    • How they can stay safer with a scooter near traffic (carry it).
    • If a dog runs across a road (tell an adult you know).
    • If the park or play area where you are playing frisbee is near busy traffic (move as far away from the traffic as you can).