Think! Education

Extension activities



15 minutes

Extension 1

  • Pieces of paper in a variety of colours

10 minutes

Extension 2

  • A variety of reflective and non-reflective materials
  • Paper
  • Pens

15 minutes

Extension 3

  • Reflective clothing
  • Torch

These are simple science investigations, based on the topic of bright and reflective materials and colours. (There are strong links with the QCDA Scheme of Work for the Science unit on Light and Dark.)

  1. Which colour shows up best? Using the school field or playground, six pupils hold up different coloured pieces of A4 paper including black, grey, white, yellow and, if possible, a fluorescent orange or green. The rest of the class view these from a distance and decide which is easiest to see.
  2. What materials reflect light? Children are given some materials and asked if they can see their faces in them – these should include a mirror, foil, matt paper, fabric, plastic and glossy paper. Children can keep a simple tick list record of results.
  3. How do reflective armbands work? Children use a torch in a darkened hall or classroom to find out which clothes reflect back light, including a fluorescent tabard and reflective armbands (or other reflective clothing).

In each case the experiments are followed by discussion and are related back to road safety and the dusk posters.