Think! Education

Activity 1: Can't miss Molly


10-15 minutes


Read aloud the Bright is right story and talk about what happened and why.

After the story, ask the children what happened to Molly and her dad when they were in the supermarket car park. Why did the driver not see them? What should Molly and her dad have been doing while they were looking for their car? (Stress the need to watch out for vehicles in car parks). What would have helped them to stay safer?

Children can follow up this story with the simple online activity Can't miss Molly.

Molly is shown wearing her black coat and other dark clothes, and pupils must choose a range of clothes for her which will make her more easily seen near traffic (so that drivers 'can't miss Molly'). Outfits can be dragged into place and at the end simple feedback is given.