Think! Education

Activity 3: All about traffic


10-15 minutes


Another good way to help children recognise and understand traffic is to use models of cars, lorries, buses and so on. Discuss the different types of vehicles and what they are like:

  • What words can be used to describe them?
  • What do they sound like?
  • How fast do they go?
  • Do we see them on the roads near here? Where do we see them?
  • What is traffic?

Alternatively the street scene poster can be used. This shows a busy road and includes a wide variety of vehicles including taxis, motorcycles, minibuses and lorries. Use the poster to prompt discussion and think about standing and moving traffic, what controls traffic, different types of road and different drivers. The concept of pedestrians can also be introduced here (pedestrians are shown on the poster) and vocabulary can be emphasised in various ways. The poster includes a cyclist wearing a helmet plus light / bright colours and using a bike with reflectors and lights, so that teachers can discuss how cyclists stay safe.