Think! Education

Activity 1: What's coming next?


10-15 minutes


  • A digital projector and screen connected to the internet for the interactive Flash game

Show the children the online slideshow story What's coming next?

This online 'big book' story features two six-year-old children, Az and Molly, who are inside a house looking out of a window into the street and watching the traffic pass by. They play a guessing game: what's coming next? Each time Az and Molly guess the type of vehicle before it is revealed. Children in the class can join in by guessing too, which will help them think about different types of traffic.

After all of the most familiar vehicles have passed, the user is asked to guess the final one: what is next? It turns out to be a horse and rider which can prompt children to discuss different speeds and types of traffic etc.

The story also features audio of each vehicle / road user.