Think! Education

Theme 1: Know the road (How to behave near traffic)

Learning objectives

  • For children to recognise the different forms of traffic and understand that traffic can be dangerous.
  • For children to know that when possible they should hold hands with their parent or carer when near traffic.
  • For children and parents to know that wearing bright or fluorescent clothing (in daytime) and reflective clothing (at night) will help to keep them safer when near traffic and why this is.

Curriculum links for the 'Know the road' activities are provided.

Vocabulary to be developed

Traffic, road, car, lorry, bus, motorcycle, bike, vehicle, street, dangerous, fast, slow, speed, travel, pavement, colour, bright, safe, playing


Introduction to the theme: Poster-led discussion establishing what traffic is and that it can be dangerous if we are not careful.

Sub-theme A: Recognising traffic

Sub-theme B: Holding hands

Sub-theme C: Bright is right

Sub-theme D: Playing safely

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