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Extension activities


15 minutes


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A drama activity will help to reinforce key messages about the dos and don'ts of travelling in a car. This will be best carried out in the hall. Start by asking children to imagine that they are going to go on a journey and to act out the things that the teacher says but without making a sound. Children can mime the following actions (with the teacher modelling):

  • Pretend to climb into the car and sit in your car seat or booster.
  • Make sure the seat belt is in place and clicks.
  • Off we go, look out of the window but don't distract the driver.
  • Keep hands away from the door and window
  • We've arrived but the car is parked on the side of the road. Show the children which side the pavement is. Undo the buckle and get out on the safer side away from traffic.
  • Play in the park then do the return journey, repeating the actions that will help to keep them safer.