Think! Education

Activity 2: Car seats and boosters

This activity involves using the three accompanying A4 cards showing a range of car seats and boosters. This is to help children understand what they should be sitting on when travelling in a car.

The three cards show:

  • car seat suitable for children 9–18kg (approximately 9 months to 4 years)
  • booster seat suitable for children 15–25kg and up to 36kg (approximately 4–6 years and upwards)
  • booster cushion suitable for children 22–36kg (approximately 6–11 years)

Point to one of the car seats / boosters and ask the class if anyone uses one like it. Do this for each example, using a show of hands to find out which type is used most often. Ask the children what they must also use when they are sitting in a car seat / booster, giving the clue that it makes a click when it is fitted (answer: a seat belt).

Explain to the children that using a car seat / booster with a seat belt will help to keep them safe on car journeys. Emphasise that young children should not use a seat belt without the right car seat / booster as they could be hurt by the belt if the car stops suddenly or is in a crash – even if they're not going quickly.

Bringing a real car seat or booster into the classroom will also help this activity to work well.