Think! Education

Activity 1: A safe place to sit


20-25 minutes


  • A digital projector and screen connected to the internet for the A safe place to sit interactive Flash story

Az and Molly are being driven to the park by Molly's dad. They get into their booster seats and grumble about wasting time having to get into them. Dad points out that he has to wear one, though he is tall enough to mean that he doesn't need a booster! The traffic is held up on the way. A police officer comes to the car and explains that there's been a collision. Dad asks if anyone was hurt and they hear that a girl was using an adult seat belt, but wasn't sitting in a booster seat, so she slipped under the seat belt and was hurt. When they eventually get to the park they are impatient to get out and go on the swings. Molly gets out of the unsafe side of the car just as a motorcycle whizzes past.

When the children have seen and heard the story, discuss the key points:

  • Why did they have to stop on the way to the park?
  • Why was a policeman there?
  • Molly nearly had a serious collision with a motorcycle – what happened?
  • What two important things did Molly and Az learn that day?

Talk about what else children should do (or not do) to be safer when travelling in a car. The key points are:

  • to get out of the car on the pavement side, and not into the road
  • to avoid distracting the driver (it's ok to talk to the driver, but squabbling, arguing, shouting or asking the driver to look at something can be distracting, as the driver has to pay attention to the road)
  • not to put hands or heads out of the window
  • not to throw anything out of the window
  • not to open the door or window unless an adult says that you can
  • to leave door handles alone.