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Theme 3: Car clever (In-car safety)

Learning objectives

  • For children to know that they should always be in a car seat / booster when travelling in a car.
  • For children and parents to know that children should use the right car seat / booster for their weight.
  • For children to know which side of a car they should get out of.

Curriculum links for the 'Car clever' activities are provided.

Vocabulary to be developed

Traffic, road, street, car, car seat, booster, safer, seat belt, buckle, strap, door, window, handle, distract, driver, police officer.


Introduction: Poster-led discussion establishing what traffic is and that it can be dangerous if we are not careful.

Activity 1: A safe place to sit – a story about a journey in a car.

Activity 2: Car seats and boosters – an activity looking at different types of car seat and booster.

Extension activities

Home-link sheet