Think! Education

The resources

The learning materials and ideas are designed to be used flexibly so that teachers, assistants and parents can utilise them in ways which suit their circumstances and the needs of their children. The themes and activities present clear, simple messages and can be approached in any order, with ideas which can work as standalones or part of a structured series. There are extension suggestions provided along with full details of learning objectives, timings, and resource requirements.

Narrative focus

In order to make the resources effective and memorable the three themes are tied to two fictional child characters called Az and Molly, and presented through short stories which feature the characters in various situations involving traffic. This will also help children to relate the messages to their personal experience and allow teachers to provide a hook for the practical activities that follow.


Each of the three road safety themes is introduced through an online big book story featuring Az and Molly. There are also posters to accompany the stories and to aid discussion. The lesson ideas give ideas for various classroom activities with the emphasis on practical work wherever possible. The activities also make the most of opportunities for cross-curricular learning in several subjects and full curriculum links are provided to help teachers plan their work.


Simple online games help to reinforce key learning messages and copiable activity sheets are also provided to consolidate understanding and to provide written evidence of road safety work. The core materials focus on PSHE/Citizenship learning objectives and are designed to build on the THINK! Education resources for Early Years. The lesson ideas pages also include extension activities which involve Drama, Art and Design and Science. Each theme has a home-link sheet for children to complete with their parents or carers.