Think! Education

Activity 3: Looking at a real car


20 minutes


  • A car belonging to a member of staff (appropriately insured)

[NB Only carry out this activity if a member of staff’s car can be parked safely off road on a level surface where the children can approach it safely.]

  1. The children can be taken up to the car to learn more about vehicles: how hard they are (feel the car and compare with your tummy), how big they are, what the wheels are like and so on.
  2. Talk about what we use cars for and underline that they are safe to travel in but that they can be dangerous if we are near a road. Emphasise the need to stay away from cars and other forms of traffic unless you are holding an adult’s hand or getting into one. To ensure the vehicle cannot move the handbrake must be applied, the vehicle left in gear or chocked, if necessary, and all doors and windows shut and locked to stop children climbing inside.