Think! Education

Theme 1: What's on the road? (Traffic recognition)

Learning objectives

  • For children to know what a road is, what traffic is and that traffic exists in many forms.
  • For children to understand that traffic can be dangerous.
  • For children to know the rules for keeping safe near traffic.

Vocabulary to be developed

Traffic, road, car, lorry, vehicles, street, dangerous, fast, slow, wheels, forwards, backwards, travel, pavement

Curriculum links for the 'What's on the road' activities are provided.


Activity 1: Introducing the theme – use a poster and audio clips to help children to identify traffic and to understand that it can be dangerous.

Activity 2: How traffic moves – develop vocabulary and understanding using toy cars.

Activity 3: Looking at a real car – take the children out to look at a real car close up parked on the playground.

Extension activities

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