Think! Education

Extension activities


20 minutes


  • If possible, one or two types of child car seat including one with integral harness and a booster seat which uses a standard car seat belt
  • A large doll or large teddy to be strapped into the car seat
  1. Show the children a real child car seat or, preferably, two different types including a seat for younger children (with harness) and a booster seat for older/larger children. Talk about the seat and how it works.
  2. Strap a large doll or a teddy into the seat and let the children take turns in fastening and undoing the seat belt or harness, with the whole group listening for the click each time. Explain how different types of seat need to be used as children grow up and get larger. Show how tall 135cm is (when booster seats are no longer needed and seat belts can be used on their own), ideally using a height wallchart or a metre stick. Ask the children to listen for the clicking sound which tells them that the seatbelt is safely fastened.
  3. Pictures of different booster seats can also be found online, e.g. through Google Images. This can be helpful in showing the children the different types of child car seats that are available.