Think! Education

Activity 2: Role play


30 minutes


  • Two pieces of tape or long strips of paper to represent kerbs

Ideally children should be taken outside to practise road safety skills on real roads. If this is not possible, this indoor activity can be used as a substitute.

This activity involves children pretending to cross the road, in pairs. A large space is needed and two pieces of tape or strips of paper can be used to represent the kerbs.

  1. Explain to the children that they are going to take turns to approach a pretend pedestrian crossing. Model what to do, showing the children the sequence of pressing the button then waiting to stop, look and listen. When the green man shows up they can cross (holding hands all the while) and should keep looking and listening as they do so.
  2. Children with red/green colour blindness can recognise the green man because he is a walking figure whilst the red man is standing (show the picture from the story illustrations to clarify this). Children can then practise crossing in pairs, holding hands, then sitting down once they are finished. Everyone can say, ‘stop, look and listen’ together when each pair waits to cross.
  3. In the same way, model using a zebra crossing then allow pairs to cross. Show the picture of the zebra crossing at the start. Once more, the ‘stop, look and listen’ message should be repeated. The key point here is to keep looking and listening for traffic whilst crossing.
  4. Finally, act out crossing a road with no marked crossing. The emphasis here is on looking both ways for cars and being patient. Some children will find it hard to relate this role play to the real world but the situation is a good way to reinforce the ‘stop, look and listen’ message by reinforcement. To add fun, children can pretend to earn a reward from a shop for safe crossing.