Think! Education

Theme 4: Stop, look and listen

Learning objectives

  • For children to understand what stop, look and listen means.
  • For children to know that they should only cross roads when holding a carer’s hand and should never cross a road on their own.
  • For children to become familiar with the area around their Early Years Setting.

Vocabulary to be developed

Holding hands, traffic, road, car, pedestrian crossing, zebra crossing, traffic lights, green man, ‘stop, look and listen’, puffin crossing

Curriculum links for the 'Stop look and listen' activities are provided.


Activity 1: Introducing the theme – a story featuring three different places to cross the road.

Activity 2: Role play – children practise stopping, looking and listening to cross the road within the classroom.

Activity 3: A model street – children make a model street and practise safe crossing using small dolls or Lego figures.

Extension activities

Home-link sheet