Think! Education

Activity 2: Be Bright, Be Seen


5 minutes per group of 2 or 3 children


  • A computer with internet access for the game Be Bright, Be Seen
  • Samples of fluorescent and reflective clothing

This is an online game for children to play to reinforce the message that high-visibility clothing can help to keep them safe near traffic.

  1. The game has two parts, Day and Night. The Day scene shows children crossing a zebra crossing from a driver’s perspective. The activities involve children using the mouse to click to indicate which people are wearing bright clothing and which are not.
  2. Selecting Night reveals children moving across the crossing in the dark. Players must click the children wearing reflective clothing to earn the reward of the rocket taking off.
  3. Talk about why it is important to have bright clothing that drivers can see. Children can work in supervised groups, taking turns to click the mouse. It may be helpful to show examples of bright or fluorescent clothing that will show up well during the day, and bright or reflective clothing that will show up well at night.
  4. It may be useful to bring in samples of fluorescent and reflective clothing so that children can see the difference between them.